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Our successful inaugural EMERGE network conference

This May, 2019, we, EMERGE site investigators, had our first face to face meeting. Emergency Medicine physicians around globe got together at Ann Arbor, Michigan to develop the governance structure of EMERGE network.

On May 11, we had a working dinner and together we developed our network's vision and goals.

EMERGE Network conference
Day 1: EMERGE Network conference

On May 12, we worked on building the organizational structure, research projects, research evaluation structure, and much more.

EMERGE Network
Day 2: EMERGE Network Conference

EMERGE Network Dinner, Project Manager: Apoorva Belle
Day 2: EMERGE Network Dinner

On May 13, we had each site present about their institution to us and we also had many interesting guest speakers.

EMERGE Network Project Manager Apoorva Belle
EMERGE Network site investigators

After the conference, the site investigators went on a tour to Michigan Medicine's emergency medicine department and survival flight.

Emergency Medicine Department Tour
Emergency Medicine Department Tour

Michigan Medicine Survival Flight
Michigan Medicine Survival Flight

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