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Transform lives globally through emergency care research.
  1. Generating evidence and translating knowledge to improve emergency care for patients and populations
  2. Building and strengthening research capacity
  3. Educating the emergency care workforce
Our U-M Coordinating Team

Dr. Prashant Mahajan

Chair, EMERGE Network

Dr. Mahajan, Vice-Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine at University of Michigan and the Section Chief of Children’s Emergency Services at C. S. Mott Children’s Hospital, Ann Arbor, MI, is a tenured Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics. 


Apoorva Belle

Manager, EMERGE Network

Apoorva serves as the Program Manager for the EMERGE network, spearheading its development and management. In this role, she oversees all facets of the network, ensuring smooth operations and effective coordination among all participating sites. As the primary point of contact, Apoorva diligently fosters strong communication channels to support seamless collaboration and maximize the network's impact.

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