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Maaret Castren, MD

Emergency Medicine Physician, Helsinki University Hospital

Maaret Castrén is a nurse, an anesthesiologist and an emergency physician. She is working as the Head of the Department of Emergency Medicine and Services in Helsinki, Finland. She is leading the prehospital and emergency care for the three biggest cities in Finland having over 700 000 patient contacts a year. She became the first professor of Emergency Medicine in Sweden at Karolinska Institutet 2007, and the first professor in EM in Finland at Turku University 2012 and at Helsinki University 2016. She has an international research group validated by external experts as excellent, near to outstanding. She is the Past Chair of European Resuscitation Council and the Honorary Secretary of ILCOR.


Johanna Kaartinen, MD, PhD

Specialist Emergency Medicine, Helsinki University Hospital

Johanna Kaartinen is a specialist in emergency medicine, infectious diseases and internal medicine. She is currently holding the position of chief administrative physician at the department of emergency medicine and services in Helsinki University Hospital, sharing her time between clinical practice and department management.

Johanna has a PhD in basic biomedical research. Most of her career she has been working within emergency department.  She has been actively evolved in development of emergency medicine specialty in Helsinki University Hospital. Her interests include clinical research in diagnostics and treatment of infectious diseases in emergency care, for example differential diagnosis of early sepsis.

About the Hospital
A department with 7 EDs, 365 000 patients, and with EMS service for 1,8 million people, 170 000 patients
We still have some other specialties in our Emergency Departments (EDs), but try to make it emergency medicine only. Our EDs also take care of the primary care out-of-hours patients
Also toxicology centre 40 000 calls and interhospital transports 140 000 patients
We have about 20 EM residents, two professors and starting to get some Em nursing research
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